Are you new to kite-foiling?

Then choosing your first foil will either be a love affair or a relationship you want to get out of soon. 

This is why: heavy aluminium, low-aspect (half-moon shaped) foils are punted as starter foils, but you will soon be very disappointed with the slow speed, general lack of glide, and heavy weight.


Another not so great option is to buy three different aluminium mast lengths, spend your time changing them on the shore, and get used to the new balance point and the different feel in mast length, every time.


Then, some advise getting a high-aspect, small-winged foil, but they don't tell you of the many, many hours of trying to foil successfully, which is only possible at a high speed. Most of those we interviewed who went this route spoke of a minimum of 10 hours before they even tasted what foiling was about.


So, what is the answer?

A light Carbon composite medium aspect foil, a generous wing area, and a tool-less mast length adjustment is the perfect marriage of the best elements of foils.

No more getting the tools out to fit an ever-longer and heavier mast.

No more trying to just keep that heavy foil from dropping down to allow your water start.

No more diving your kite aggressively to harness enough speed to get the foil on the plain, only to enjoy a rodeo ride on the water. 


We want you to get that foil smile on your first session, so we developed a foil that is easy to learn on at slow speed and will let you push yourself to over 30 knots, great upwind and steady downwind with good carving ability.

We are confident that a FoilSmart Hydrofoil will get you smiling. 


  • Carbon composite construction
  • Mast KF box type Carbon composite (mounting plates sold separately)
  • Fuselage Carbon composite
  • Front general-purpose wing foil - blue Carbon composite
  • Rear vario stabilizer foil - blue Carbon composite
  • Vertical fin aft - red 
  • 3 x  6x25mm stainless steel screws
  • 2 x  8mm stainless steel mating screw sets
  • 2 x  6x30mm stainless steel screws
  • Fuselage clamp- intended for learning phase only. After learning to foil, remove the clamp and mount the fuselage with mating screws to the mast


FOIL SMART GP hydrofoil complete FS1


  • We are working on existing orders, please book yours now to avoid disappointment.


  • Carbon composite
  • Mounts to foil-specific or modified boards with the built-in support
  • 4 x 9mm holes for mounting to your own board


  • 1 kg
  • We are working on existing orders, please book yours now to avoid disappointment.