Armin Wohlgemuth is a very accomplished waterman with decades of experience in windsurfing, kite surfing, kite foiling, and downwind SUP racing. He's arguably the most experienced foiler in Southern Africa too. In Cape Town, Armin and his wife, Monica, spend  half the year honing their skills and the other half in Europe. Armin has been one of the first to do kite foiling, wave foiling, downwind foiling, and wing foiling. Now in his early sixties, he keeps performing at a local top level, winning the Downwind Dash series 2021/2022 wing foiling on our Alula wings, which he was instrumental in helping to develop. He is not sponsored by us, which means we get his unbiased feedback that we really appreciate!

Monika Wohlgemuth is probably the most determined and experienced lady foiler we know about. It has been amazing to have Monica involved on our foiling journey. She is often seen out when the wind is howling and conditions sub optimal. Her input has been awesome and has confirmed that we are on the path of making progressive user-friendly foils. When the wind is blowing, she can be seen wing foiling at Milnerton Aquatic Club, catching the early breeze. Later in the day, she foils the downwind run up the west coast from Cape Town.

Peter Peterson was one of our first customers when surf foiling was in its infancy. Having worked along with Peter to design and build foils for the heavier guys and for the tricky zero-fetch downwind SUP foiling done from Milnerton to Big Bay in Cape Town, we can attest to his determination to foil with paddle in hand only.  He was one of the drivers behind the 2600 Bump-Glider for paddle downwind foiling. He got into wing foiling literally on his first run having had vast experience at wind surfing, kite foiling and downwind SUP foiling. Having the ability to isolate small nuances on foils has made Peter's input very valuable to our foil development. No doubt this is also why he is often asked to test products for other manufacturers.  Having tested numerous foils from all over the world makes his input super valuable in validating what we are doing.