Carbon Fiber and Stainless steel are the essential materials to high quality hydrofoils and for that reason we have NO Aluminum in our foils.  Zero Aluminum is to be found in Foil-Smart foils. It is well known that aluminum with Carbon fiber and Stainless steel causes major issues (Galvanic corrosion) that soon lead to seized screws and components that often end up making those aluminum foils bonded one piece items. Smearing pastes on every single screw and junction might delay the inevitable but what a pain. We would rather you go foiling than spend your  time on the required maintenance and required disassembly and wash down of foils having aluminum parts.

Fuselage length is probably the most underrated performance feature of a foil and that's why you get 5 fuselage lengths in 1 on our foils.  These Carbon fiber and stainless steel fuselages are hand tool trim-able to 510 or 548 or 586 or 624mm.

Fuselage length affect behavior of a foil in so many ways like for instance.

  • The pitch stability of your foil (How stable it feels up and down-important especially when learning)
  • The speed of reaction to troughs and bumps on the water
  • The cadence of pumping a foil to suite you and your board
  • The turning circle of the foil
  • The low speed limit of the foil.

Simply mount the tail wing in any of the 5 tail wing locations with the supplied screws and shims.


Foil angle in relation to your boards deck is vital to performance foiling. That's why many are placing shims under the base-plates of their foils to get their stance just right but this often leads to foil or board damage due to the point loads. Our unique approach eliminates the need of base plate shimming. After adjusting the foil-angle then at the rear of the mast simply insert the wedges either side of the fuselage to maintain the angle and slide the black retainer over. It can even be done in the water. No tools required.