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Hydrofoils make kite-surfing, wake-boarding and stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding and surfing even more fun and exciting, as well as being extremely efficient.


So, we have worked tirelessly to develop hydrofoils that are easier to learn on; thanks to our unique designs that keep them efficient, and as progressive as their rider. 


Key features: 

  • Adjustable to suit most riding ability as well as a wide range of boards (including wake-boards, kite-boards)
  • Faster and easier to learn on, accelerating the learning process enormously. The adjustable ride height is the secret to making this product ideal for beginners and pros alike
  • Safer for the rider - the lower ride height for beginners means less of a fall and minimal damage to his confidence
  • Affordable

Foil-Smart is a South African company that is based in Knysna (between Capetown and Jeffreys bay). We have combined years of kiting and foiling experience with top-quality materials and innovative techniques to create these hand crafted products.


Foil-Smart is about opening the thrilling world of foiling up to the broadest spectrum of sportsmen and -women, who share a passion for water and the ocean.

Design Features

Unique adjustable ride height for fast learning:

This Patent Pending feature allows for the quick, tool-less adjustment of the ride height of the foil, which means that you get foiling without the confidence-smashing falls associated with a full-length mast.


We have found that this accelerates the learning process tremendously. Some who have used our foils without any prior experience were foiling successfully within 10 minutes!

Foil on just about any board

For those that don't have or want a dedicated foil board, we created the Facilitator.


Enjoy hydro-foiling with your own twin tip, directional kite-board, or wake-board by fitting our Facilitator to your existing board. The Facilitator provides a ridged backbone to add the hydrofoil to your existing board and gives the additional flotation required to keep your board and foil floating. 

Design Philosophy

We endeavour to create user-friendly hydrofoils that are smartly designed and manufactured for a product that reflects common sense and multi-purpose applications. That means that most of our Foil-Smart components can be used for kite-foiling, wake-foiling, SUP-foiling and surf-foiling; making them especially versatile.


Strength where it's needed most:

Each component in the Foil-Smart range has been designed with its specific role in mind, and built according to that need. This design philosophy minimizes damage to other components when you inevitably run aground. In the event of a collision, our front wing foils are designed to bear the brunt of the impact and to minimize damage to other parts, like the fuselage, mast and board interface.


The cost of the components also reflects this philosophy, keeping the expense of collisions down for you.


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