SICK by Foil-Smart - R12990

  • a Fun Wake-foil that carves well and get you foiling with little effort behind just about any boat from as little as 15HP up.
  • Carbon reinforced composite construction
  • 700mm Mast- KF box type- (mounting box sold separately)
  • Fuselage  with stainless steel inserts.
  • Front Sick wing - Blue
  • Rear stabilizer foil - Blue
  • Vertical fin aft - Red G10
  • 3 x  6x40mm stainless steel screws
  • 2 x  8mm stainless steel mating screw sets
  • 2 x  6x30mm stainless steel screws
  • Weight 3.5kg approx.



  • 3.5 kg
  • Sold Out

FACILITATOR - Foil-to-board interface

  • Carbon composite and oak construction
  • Supports your flexible board to enable you to mount a hydrofoil
  • Allows the mounting of foils to most twin tip-, wake- and other boards
  • Interchangeable board use - One Facilitator, many boards
  • KF Box and other insert types available
  • Accepts most plate-mounted hydrofoils too
  • it adds the needed flotation to twin tip and other boards
  • First-time DIY installation in 30 minutes. Thereafter, installation takes about 5 minutes
  • Mounting screws included


Please drop us an email should you have any questions regarding this unique product. 


  • 2 kg
  • Sold Out

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